Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sunday December 25, 2011-Serendipity Bay Resort

I just thought it was cold in Spring... It's REALLY cold down here with the breeze off the bay! It was in the low 40's but if certainly felt colder than that. We stayed inside for most of the morning and Stella made her famous baked beans for our Christmas lunch at Henry and Elaine's house with the family. We went over there around noon, driving about 15 miles to their house.

We had a delicious lunch and visited with family for most of the afternoon. As I sat there in their house, I reminisced about Christmas times past. I guess that sometimes I go into "old man" mode and think back about the good times when I was a kid. My family consisted of my mother, father, brother Phil and sister Bobbye Sue, Momma's mother (MeMa) and father (Granddaddy), and her sister Janie, husband Herbert and their kids Betsy, Nancy, Steve and Linda. We were a close family and all of us grandkids were very close to MeMa and Granddaddy. On Christmas eve, we would eat together and then go to the individual houses for the gift exchanges. Then we would come home to try to get us kids to go to sleep for Santa to come to visit. It was nice to not have to travel very far during the holidays like we do now. Those were the good old days...

Stella and I came on back to our latest "home" in Palacios. So far, we haven't gotten tired of our nomadic traveling lifestyle and hopefully we won't for a long time.

I hope that everyone has a very merry Christmas.

So long.

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