Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday October 27, 2014-Ron Hoover Oasis RV Park

I left off on Saturday, so I'll begin this entry with Sunday. I hope you're not too confused by my hit and miss reporting.

Sunday was a quiet day for us. We stayed home in the morning and then watched the Houston Texans trounce the Tennessee Titans! It was good to see the home team win one again. 

We talked to Mike and Patrice and agreed to meet them at the Center Buffet in League City for supper. Kim and the boys had been invited but Tyler had to work and Cam had gone off to a friend's house to play football, so they didn't come. It was good to see Mike and Patrice again and to see Patrice getting around again. She suffered a fall a couple of months ago and shattered her kneecap and is recovering well. We hope that she is recovered enough to meet us in the valley in January.

Today I decided to go cap a lot of Munzees that I had found in League City and began at the Kroger store. I followed a huge trail back to the South Shore Harbor Marina and hotel, where I found a gigantic number of high-point count Munzees that had been put out at a geocashing festival that had been held there. In just a few hours, I had capped over 3900 points and captured every one in the area. The few "greenies" that I didn't cap were only 5 points each and I was simply too tired to get them. I can always go back if I need another 13 or 20 points. 

It was a tiring but successful day, but you gotta be a Munzer to understand.

So long.

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