Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday October 25, 2014-Ron Hoover Oasis RV Park-LaMarque TX

Okay, thanks for bearing with me. This post should catch me up to the present time.

We made the short trip from the KOA in Montgomery to the Ron Hoover Oasis on Monday morning. We purposely waited to leave to allow the traffic to clear out in Houston, and of course, to say long goodbyes to our friends that had stayed over. The trip was uneventful and only about 90 miles, so we made excellent time. We had a couple of slow-downs in the middle of Houston (go figure) and pulled in here around noon. 

When we arrived, we were put into a different site than had been told. No explanation was given but most of the sites are identical. the only problem with our site is a lack of parking that is due to a bad layout of the site. The utility hookups are fine but the patio is the problem. The concrete blocks used to form the picnic tables and "chairs" are anchored onto the patio, making centering the trailer difficult and parking, either behind or in front of the trailer a challenge.

 Here is a picture of the porch and steps, showing how close the seat and the edge of the table. This park isn't that old, but they obviously did no measuring for the placement of the tables. Of course, everyone doesn't use a porch like we have, but the built-in steps on the trailer will still directly in the way.

Tuesday we ran errands and took care of some shopping but the main thing we got done was to drop Stella's computer off at Best Buy for a tune up. She has been having a lot of trouble with the computer shutting down and freezing up, and she had already bought a service plan. 

We didn't let Kim and the boys know that we were back in town, hoping to surprise them and it worked! We were able to surprise Kim at Cameron's football game in Missouri City Wednesday evening and since Cam couldn't see us in the crowd in the stands, he was surprised too. Tyler was working at Baskin Robbins tonight, so we went there after the game and surprised him too. 
Mission Accomplished!

 I know it's a long shot, but we were way up in the stands, but that is Cameron kicking off to begin the game. Cam plays on both sides of the ball, not including kickoffs. He plays on both the offensive and defensive lines and had a good game. His team crushed the Willowridge team 30-24.

Thursday night we made another trip to Missouri City to see the varsity football team play, and to watch the High School Marching Band with Tyler in it. The Texas City team dominated their opponent but we enjoyed watching Tyler and his antics with his band members.

After the game ended, Tyler and the other seniors in the band lined up and did a dance. Tyler is in the middle of the photo and to his left is his girlfriend Loren. 

Friday we had to make another road trip, to Bellville, where we get our mail and are registered to vote. We wanted to vote in the early voting and while there, we got the truck and trailer license plates renewed. We could have done it online, but we were there anyway, so just another quick stop in the Austin County tax office and we were done! It was refreshing to go to a "country" tax office, with friendly and laid-back people there that actually spoke to us as we waited to vote. Gotta love those friendly Texans.

We met our friends Harry and Judy for supper at the Oriental Buffet and Grill in Texas City. It was good to see them again and to catch up on what has been going on with them. They have been confined to this area for a long time but hope to get back on the road after their oldest grandson Ryan, graduates from high school in June.

Saturday we planned to stay home and rest, but in the morning, I decided to grab some local Munzees around the old closed-down Mall of the Mainland. I managed to grab about 40 of them and then grabbed a few more at the new Buccee's store while I refueled. There are many more in the area that I will get while we are around here, but this was enough for today.

Kim called and said that they are cooking out this afternoon, so we went over and had a delicious meal with them. Ray, Kim's new boyfriend, has made a lot of improvements in their back yard, cleaning up a huge amount of trash, including an old above ground swimming pool. There is still much more work to be done, but he's made a huge difference. He did a great job with the boudain-stuffed pork loins.
It's good to be back...

So long.

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