Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sunday October 5, 2014-Amana Colonies Event Center and RV Park

I know that I (again) have been remiss in updating this blog and I apologize (again). The Amana Regional rally wore me out and then we traveled over a thousand miles in three days to the north Texas rally in Bullard, made a flying trip down to Blessing for Randy's (Stella's nephew) wedding, back to Bullard, then traveled about one hundred miles to visit my Aunt Janie in Center Texas, then drove almost 300 miles to Montgomery to the south Texas rally, which is where we are now. This rally is officially over but there are still 6 trailers here and we plan to have a small potluck tonight.

Below you will see some photos of the Oktoberfest celebration in Amana. This was our first chance to get downtown to enjoy these festivities. We were here last year but didn't have a chance to come into town. I'm not complaining, just telling you what happened. 

This is the main hall in the barn, where the bands play. 

One of the many "oom-pah" bands.

Here are our friends Bernie and Judy dancing to the music. Bernie is German by birth and he usually wears his authentic Leiderhosen that he brought over from Germany. 

 We stood outside in the freezing cold to watch the Oktoberfest parade through downtown Amana.

We had a delicious meal Saturday night at the Ronneberg Restaurant in downtown Amana as part of the rally package. I think that the rally team made a good choice of this restaurant and everyone enjoyed their meals. We came back to the park for our last-night campfires and visits but the weather didn't cooperate. It was cold and rainy and a few had started their fires but no one came out. A sad time because everyone was looking forward to one more night of campfires. 

Sunday morning we had our last furnished meal. It required an extra amount of work to set up tables and chairs because there had been an Oktoberfest race on Saturday and everything had been put away, but we had a great crew of helpers to get things set up so it didn't take very long. We also had a bunch of great helpers to cook and prepare the breakfast. It was sad to see everyone finish eating because many were leaving this morning.

After breakfast, Gary Lippe, father of David, the Iowa Chapter Leader, suffered a TIA, requiring a trip to the hospital. As it turned out, he wasn't admitted and was soon back at his trailer and getting things ready to pull out tomorrow. We ended up taking him out to eat with us at the Ox Yoke Inn in downtown Amana. We hope he recovers well.

We thought the rally went  very well and received many compliments. We must thank all the team members and countless others that pitched in to help pull this thing off. Great job!!

So long.

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