Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tuesday October 29, 2014-Ron Hoover Oasis RV Park

We are in the routine weather pattern of the Texas Gulf coast right now, upper 60's at night and low 80's and mostly clear. The weather guessers usually show a small percentage of rain possible but that seldom happens. 

We were invited to Rayford where our friends Tommy and Susan are staying for some barbecue that Ted and Donna made. We decided to drive up in the early afternoon to see other friends that are at Rayford.

I found another huge cache of high point Munzees in downtown Houston, near the George R. Brown convention center and we stopped off for awhile to cap some. I have become addicted to the high count ones but was only able to grab a few today but will likely return to get the others soon.

I had forgotten how bad the Houston traffic is. It took us abut 45 minutes to go 30 miles, not fun! I'm just glad we weren't towing the trailer.

 We were soon arriving at Rayford and the beautiful sites there. Tommy's motorhome is right up front in one of the deluxe sites. Just gorgeous! We later went to the office where we spoke with Gwen, the owner. It has been awhile since we've stayed here, and we discovered that we miss it and will likely return sometime next year.

 Here's the group, sitting around the table. Our meal was slow-cooked brisket, baked beans and cole slaw, all done by Ted and Donna. Stella made a cake and Susan brought an apple pie with Blue Bell to top off the barbecue dinner. The meal was delicious and it was good to spend time with our friends. Several of our old friends stopped by to visit while we were there. Frank and Nancy, Big John and Mark all came by and visited. Most of the Winter Texans have not arrived yet and sadly, we may not be able to get back up here to visit them.

This is Tommy and Susan's Allegro Bus, a VERY nice rig! If I was to buy a motorhome, this one would be high on my list.

The trip back home was much better. It only took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to get back. I don't much like driving at night any more, but there was little traffic and it made the trip almost enjoyable. Well, maybe not enjoyable, but acceptable...

So long.

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