Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday July 3, 2015-Mountain View at Rivers Edge

I know I skipped right over Thursday, but we just stayed home and rested up. Even though we broke up the journey from Goshen pretty well, we were all tired when we finally got here. Tom and Marti and Dave and Nancy drove into town to look around at the quaint little village of Creede but Stella and I stayed home.

The weather has been great, with cool mornings and warm days. It has threatened to rain every day but so far, today was the worst rainstorm that we have had. I guess the worst thing about the rainstorms is the thunder. It is so loud up here in the mountains, almost deafening! We're getting used to it, and also getting used to the altitude. We are all drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and there haven't been any problems for us. 

Not so much for another couple down the street from us. Yesterday we saw an ambulance come in and stop in front of a motorhome. You know how I am, Curious Jay had to walk down there to see what was going on. It turned out to be a couple that we had met when we were here before and I learned that the lady had gotten short of breath. They took her away in the ambulance and I don't know anything beyond that.

There was another problem last night. Someone arrived about 10:30 and disturbed the neighbors as they got backed in and parked. The bigger news was that someone else arrived around 1AM (Stella heard them come in) and somehow they knocked one of the low rock walls down. It didn't take long for the maintenance crew to repair the wall, but there was still damage done and the Sheriff was called. 

Tom and Marti went to South Fork to visit friends there and Stella and Nancy washed clothes while Dave and I napped. Life is good!

So long.

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