Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday July 5, 2015-Mountain View RV Resort

Yesterday, July 4th, we began the day by going to the parade in town but when we arrived, parking was horrible, so we gave up and went for a ride toward the Bristol area, hoping to see the headwaters of the Rio Grande river.

 This is a reservoir on a ranch alongside the highway. It's a "scenic overlook" and has some beautiful views. These pictures don't do justice to the beauty.

 I'm told that these purple flowers are the Colorado Columbine. I'm not so sure, but they're very pretty.

We came back home and after afternoon naps, we met at Dave and Nancy's to use their new Traeger grill. This a pretty cool grill that uses wood pellets. It adds the correct amount of pellets to control the temperature and it works very well. All of the meat tat we put on the grill turned out perfect. We sat outside, waiting for the firework show that was scheduled for about 30 minutes after dark, but i
t began to rain and the temperature dropped, so we all retired inside to watch from our trailers. Apparently the rain delayed the fireworks but we did see some. It was different, watching fireworks from my recliner!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

Today we went to church here in the park for a very patriotic message. I saw a few people that I remember from our last stay here and we all enjoyed the service. 

After church we decided to ride the 50 or so miles to Lake City. This is another small city in the mountains of Colorado.  

 This is Lake Crystobal, the lake that Lake City is named for. It's a big lake with a small waterfall (see below). 

I'm not sure if this is a swimming area in the lake, but as cold as the water is, I would doubt that anyone swims here.

As promised, the small waterfall. This water then spills into the Gunnison river.

The water is very green as you can see. It is beautiful and has some camp sites with no utilities on the north end of the lake as well as rental houses on the lake. I don't think any of us are interested in bringing our trailers up here, especially camping without water and electricity.

This is another shot of some of the small lakes or reservoirs formed by the Rio Grande. See that pointy mountain, way off in the distance? That the peak where the river actually starts in the Rio Grande National Forest. I think it's a bit far to drive to... Perhaps another time?

So long.

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