Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday July 26, 2015-Mountain Views at Rivers Edge Resort

I just want to let everyone know that we haven't fallen off a mountainside. We're enjoying the cool mountain air and the multitude of beautiful views. Tom and Marti left on the 9th and made it home okay. Dave had lots of trouble with his truck (again) and we had to take it back to Alamosa for some work. While there, I took my truck to the Dodge side (this is one of those multi-make dealerships) and had a fuel heater recall performed on it. 

This is one of the reservoirs along the Rio Grande river. There are a LOT of split rail fences in Colorado. Very picturesque...

A couple fishing on the reservoir. Lots of folks do this.

This is a picture at the Windy Point Scenic Overlook. Just gorgeous, with tall aspens in the foreground with snow covered mountains in the background.

This is one of those photos that don't do justice to the actual area. The Weminuche wilderness covers almost a half million acres.

This is a photo taken from a wildlife viewing area above Creede, which can be seen below in the valley. 

Since this is a wildlife viewing area, here is a doe and two fawns. Can you see the fawns?

Can you see both fawns now?

This is a gorgeous view from near the top of Pool Table mountain. This is a very popular area for Jeeps, ATV's and bicycles! We met a knucklehead riding a bicycle down the mountain on our way up.

We met a large herd of mountain goats on the top of the mountain. We're not sure if this is a privately owned herd or wild, but they were not bothered by the truck or some folks on ATV's nearby.

Another view down the mountain.


I guess someone occupies this tent. They have a very nice view from their campsite, but there is lots of chances to encounter dangerous wildlife up here on the of the mountain.

Looking down at the road we had just driven. Like all mountains, a windy and bumpy road. We met someone bringing a small travel trailer up when we got near the bottom. It certainly does take all kinds...

Yesterday we went to visit Dan and Ann at their new house in Pagosa Springs. We had a nice visit with our friends, and their house is beautiful. They just bought the place and haven't moved their furniture in yet and I'm sure it will be even better when furnished.

On our way back home, we stopped at the Continental Divide, the highest point of our trip today at 10,857 feet. Pretty high! Made our ears pop!

So long.

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