Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday July 30, 2015-Mountain Views at Rivers Edge RV Resort

We went over to Durango a couple of days ago to scout out some RV parks that we may want to stay in on a future trip. Along the way we stopped at the Wolf Creek Pass scenic overlook and took some pictures.

A view down into the valley below.

This little guy was looking for some food.

A beautiful waterfall near the top of the pass.

Yesterday we took a trip to Deer Lake that is near the Slumgullion Pass. We had heard of several moose sightings there and there they were, a moose cow and her calf. She stayed in the water, munching away while the calf wandered off into the woods.


We had a good day of wildlife sighting with this deer.

She came out of the woods about 30 yards from me. I don't know which one of us was more surprised.

She said "I'm out of here" and off she went!

Beautiful area!

We love the mountains of Colorado and pictures don't do them justice but I do the best I can. 

So long.


David Williams said...

Great pictures! You're right, they never seem to capture the fullness and beauty of God's creation. Your picture of the moose looks strangely similar to one Nancy A posted on FB. 😊

TravelTiger said...

Jay, did you go by Durango Riverside Resort? Nice park right on the Animas River, a little North of Durango proper. We've stayed there a few times. Sites are not quite as tight as some of the other parks. Durango is a great town with lots to do, and all the necessities. (RV dealer, Dodge dealer, Big O tire shop, wal-mart, walgreens, hospital, Texas BBQ joint, OK Mexican food, etc.)

Donna W. said...

yes Colorado is definitely Gods country...just wish moutains were flatter. they were ok when I was driving a MachI but with a camper I white knuckle a lot :-)