Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Monday November 9, 2015-Moving day-Johnson Creek RV Resort to Inks Lake state park

Dave came over yesterday and with the help of a few other rally-goers, we got the new tire replaced onto the trailer and the spare put back into the storage under the trailer. Everything went very well except for the cable that lowers and raises the spare tire got off the roller and required some work to get straightened out. 

Later in the evening we had a nice meal of leftovers from the potluck. It was a fine way to end the rally and we visited for a long time before coming back home to begin preparations to leave in the morning.

We woke and had a nice breakfast before beginning our packing up to leave and still were ready to go about 9:30. We saw Dave and Nancy & Tom and Marti off before we left, but we only have about a hundred miles to go to the Inks Lake state park.

We made a very uneventful drive to our new home for the next couple of months. We were shocked when we arrived at the number of hosts that are here. There are 22 park host sites here and we got the next-to-last one. We are pleased with our site except that there is no Internet service at our site. We still have our own MIFI service but it is somewhat limited, so we won't be able to spend a lot of time "surfing" the net. 

Our site, #205. This is near the first site we were in a few years ago.

Our site showing our neighbors behind us. Paul and his wife are directly behind us and Roger and his wife are to the right. 

I went down to see my fellow deer hunt guides this morning and saw our hunt coordinator, Chris. We will just have to find something to do until the end of this month and the hunts will start on December 1st. I will be busy after that and I am looking forward to it.

So long.

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texya2 said...

I was just wondering if you guys were work camping. Looks like you are.
Emmett will retire soon and we can finally hit the road.