Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday November 8, 2015-Johnson Creek RV Resort

To bring you up to date on things, we took the blown out tire to Discount Tire in nearby Kerrville. I didn't know what to expect because the tires are at the end of their life in the RV world but nothing was said about their age and $38.75 later the tire was replaced. No strain, no pain. There was a delay in getting the tire installed because they were very busy and their phones and computers were down because someone had cut through a fiber-optic line somewhere, causing this outage with AT & T service in town. We ran some other errands and returned to get the new tire and were on our way!

One day we went out to eat lunch with Tom and Marti at a place called Classic Burgers and More and man, were we glad we went! Good, old fashioned burgers and great fries and onion rings were on the menu and they were great. So good in fact that the next day we took Dave and Nancy there. 

There was another reason to take Dave and Nancy out. We had gone to get the truck serviced and I took a wrong turn. We ended up on a loop around Kerrville and I pulled into a driveway leading to a city water well, intending to turn around to head back into town. I didn't realize how soft the ground was because of all the rain and slid off close to the fence. I wasn't stuck in the sense that I was buried but couldn't get traction to get out. I called Dave and he came out with his 4 wheel drive truck and pulled me out.

We had a park sponsored potluck dinner on Friday night and then had our rally Meet and Greet and Blue Bell ice cream. Several people from the park came to the Meet and Greet since they are Heartland owners and two of them actually joined the club!

Saturday was the club potluck and of course it was delicious. I always enjoy the potlucks but it's hard to watch what or how much you eat at one. I did the best I could and feel pretty good about my diet. I'm working on it slowly but surely.

This is a bittersweet day for us. The rally season is over for us until March of next year. We'll miss our friends but will keep ourselves busy at the state park.

So long.

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