Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday November 3-Moving Day-Stephen F. Austin State Park to Johnson Creek Resort, Ingram TX

It was very foggy this morning but we were all up and ready to go pretty early this morning. We were way a little after 9 and soon on the highway heading west to Ingram, which is a small place near Kerrville.

The cloudy and foggy morning makes photos difficult to do well. In the foreground is Dave and Nancy's Big Country. Behind them is Mike and Peg's new Bighorn and behind them is our Landmark. The white unit on the right is Lin and Debbie's Landmark. George decided to leave before us and said he knew the way to the park.

Remember what I said yesterday about the jungle-like condition of the park? The grass is long and shaggy outside the actual sites and there are several dead trees nearby.

Here we are, taking our lunch break at the Buccee's in Luling. Everyone loves Buccee's for their clean restrooms, their food and their shopping experience. They have just about anything you could want in their stores and their fuel prices are usually the best in the area.

After lunch, we continued on down the road, making good time and I thought to myself that this trip was certainly going well. We had made it through Houston with no problem and skirted San Antonio on Loop 1402 and were soon to arrive at our destination. About 12 miles from Kerrville, I heard the dreaded BOOM and saw rubber flying from the right side of the trailer. Oh no, a blowout! I quickly pulled over along with my friends and went to check out the damage. Luckily for us, we suffered little physical damage to the trailer and of course, the tire is ruined, but we have road hazard warranty from Discount Tire. We'll go see them tomorrow to see about coverage. It only took Dave, Lin, Mike and me to get the tire changed out and we were again on our way. 

There had been some discussion on the route to take to get to the park. Stella and I have never been here but Mike said he has, so we finally decided on the route we were now taking. I followed the GPS directions, which had been verified by both the address and the GPS coordinates, but we drove down a very narrow road to a dead-end at an RV park. The problem was, this is the wrong park! Wow, how did this happen? After lots of discussion among ourselves and consultations with GPS units, we decided that we could wind around through the neighborhood and get to the right park. We made it through the hood and over some deep dips in the roads. The last obstacle was a hairpin turn to get to the exit road. Mike and Dave successfully made the turn, but Lin hung the rear cap of his trailer on a landscape timber and tore the cap off the trailer while breaking the back window. Big whoops!

After finally getting around the corner we pulled over to survey the damage to Lin's trailer. We decided to secure the cap as best we could do and continue on the to RV park for the night. He will call his insurance agent to see what they want to do to make repairs. We used good old duct tape to close up the cap and limped on into Johnson Creek RV Resort, our home for the next few days.

This park is nice and has won honors for best small park in Texas as well as having won a 10-10-10 rating from Woodalls. That pretty well makes this place as good as it gets in Texas. We are looking forward to our stay here and the last rally of the season.

We hope tomorrow is better than today has been!

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

That GPS will get you sooner or later! I was talking to Stella and am sorry I didn't mention how we get to Johnson's Creek. Not a good travel day but hopefully you will all have a good time there once the travel dust settles.