Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday August 22, 2016-Moving day-Marina Bay/Lake Cove RV Resort to Ron Hoover RV, Katy TX

Finally, the day I have been waiting for...moving day from Lake Cove Resort. This is not a bad place, very picturesque and well-kept, but it bugs me when a park claims and advertises about their Internet service and doesn't deliver. In all fairness, when I complained, the had their Internet "guru" check it out and he determined that we are in a dead spot. They told us we could move to a better location, but the site was short and backed up to the pool and we weren't interested in moving. It is just as much trouble to move out as it is to change sites. We must put everything away either way, so why move to another unknown site. If we still didn't get good service, they would shrug their shoulders like, "sorry about that". to me, they should do whatever they need to do to get good service to all the sites. That would be a solution!

We had made arrangements with AJ, one of the service managers, telling him what we needed done and getting him to order the parts so we can get in and out in only one day, so today we were under no deadline to get going and it was a good thing! I am very out of shape for dealing with the heat and getting things hooked up and ready to go, so I was very slow today. We didn't get away until after 11am and almost immediately ran into a heavy rain shower which slowed us even more. Traffic backed up, so we just slowed down and took our time and arrived here about 1:30pm. AJ was waiting for us and took down some information and information on a couple of items that weren't on the original work order. He said that if we wished, they could get started this afternoon, so we dropped the trailer and took off. We went to get something to eat and just piddled around until about 4:30 when they were supposed to be through for the day today. They were just bringing the trailer out to our overnight parking space when we drove up. We took over and got it all leveled and set up, but man it was HOT! 

We had an issue as soon as we got hooked up. This is a brand new store and I believe that we are the first ones to use the site that we are on. When I plugged in to the 50 amp electrical service box we found that the air conditioners would only come on with the fan, no a/c compressor, run for a few seconds and cut off. While I had been outside working, Stella tried to get the electric working but couldn't, so when she told me about it, I tried the other electric pedestal and it worked fine. Great new! the air conditioners are both working. It didn't take long for them to cool the trailer down, so we are set for the night.

I was told that they will come get the trailer early in the morning and we hope to have everything done by tomorrow afternoon. I'll let you know how it goes.

So long.

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