Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wednesday August 10, 2016-Marina Bay/Lake Cove RV Resort

Because of my ongoing high blood pressure that I can't get a handle on, we decided to cancel our trip to Palacios to visit a park that we like a lot and to visit with some of Stella's family who live nearby. In the meantime, my B/P has straightened itself out but my sciatic nerve problem has reared it's ugly head again. The medical problems just keep comin'! I have an appointment for another shot tomorrow. Hopefully it will work...

We learned that Stella' uncle Walter had passed away in Houston over the weekend. His services were today, so we drove into southwest Houston to attend. Stella and I got to see (and for me, to meet) many of her aunts, uncles and cousins, most of whom we would not have been able to see while in Palacios, so it worked out. It was sad to see them at this time, but still good to see family.

Stella has an appointment to have her glasses ordered next week, so hoping that soon after that, we'll be able to hit the road again. We're certainly looking forward to it. Wish us luck.

So long.

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