Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday August 31, 016-Moving Day-Sandy Creek Campground to Center RV Park

To catch up with the events of this week, we had lots of fun with our old friends. We fixed a large breakfast Saturday morning, and ate out at the Cedar Tree restaurant in Jasper on Sunday evening and had a great time. It was just a good old relaxing time and although the weather didn't cooperate very well, storming several nights, no damage as done to any one's equipment. 

We did catch up with another old friend, Mr. Don Taylor, who is building a home in nearby Spurger. We met him and his wife Tuesday and went back to the Cedar Tree for an extended lunch. It was good to catch up with him and chat about old times. He was my City Manager in Dickinson for several years and went on to serve other cities before retiring. We had a very nice visit with Don, departing with hugs and handshakes and hopes of being able to get together again.

Andy and Joanna had to leave on Sunday so they could go to work (ugh) on Monday. Jim and Sheila left on Tuesday because they have a job on Wednesday and wanted to get cleaned up before going. Actually, we ran into them as they were leaving and we were returning from our lunch, so we were able to tell them so long.

The remaining three couples just spent the remainder of our time hanging out and telling stories, laughing and having  good time. Old friends make the best companions! Hope we can do this again some time.

Moving up to today, David and Susan had pretty much loaded up last night, so they pulled out early, but we were still drinking coffee and chatting with Bill and Ornell. We waited until about 9:30 or so to pull out and after a stop at the dump station, we were on our way to Center. It was only about 65 miles, and we made good time. We got here about 11 or so, and although our usual site was filled, we still got close. We like site #17 because it has the Internet antenna on it and has outstanding service there. We still get good service and I'm sure we'll have a good time. Janie will be back later tonight and we'll see her tomorrow. it's gonna be another good time.

So long.

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