Monday, August 15, 2016

Sunday August 15, 2016-Marina Bay/Lake Cove RV Resort

Jennifer, Jay, Ian and Melissa came to Galveston on Friday, so the whole family (down here) got together at Kelley's Restaurant in La Marque for supper. Kim brought Ray and Tyler and Cameron and Phil brought Carol along with her parents, Clifford and Katherine and Mark and Lindsay brought their kids, Will, AJ  and 6 month old Faith. We had a total of 19 people, counting the baby, so we reserved an unused banquet room for the evening. The only one that didn't get to come was Ray's son Austin, who had to work.

They set the room up nicely for us and assigned us two waiters to take care of us.

Getting reacquainted all around. At least this was a good time for a reunion and we didn't have to go to a funeral tomorrow.

Lots of hugs and handshakes going around as folks arrived. I should have gotten a group picture, but forgot about that one.

Clifford was very interested in a picture album. I'm sure that it was one of Lindsay's family. 

I was told that Marc is faith's favorite person. Jennifer, Grandma Carol and Grandpa Phil looking on.

Tyler, Cameron and Ray, studying menus and trying to decide what to order. The meal went very well and everyone got their order, pretty much on time. 

We spent over 3 hours in the room, visiting and chatting. Of course, the three younger boys had to run off some energy after eating, but I bet they slept well. Faith is a very good baby and I don't think I heard a peep from her all night.

We didn't see any more of them until Sunday morning when they again stopped by Kelley's for breakfast. Only Cameron struggled out of bed at the ungodly hour of 11am to make it to eat with us. We had another nice time, but had no reservations and had to wait awhile to get a table, but it was worth it. It was a great weekend!

So long.

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