Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2-16-09, Trip to Donna Tx.

We got up this morning to get ready to go to visit Donna Tx. in the Texas valley. Our friends Tom and Judy are staying there and we are going to visit them. They have been staying there since around the end of October last year after they left Houston and the October rally we had there. There are many other Heartland owners that went to the valley after the rally and we should see them at the luncheon that Jim Beletti has set up for us in McAllen.

I went down to the Lone Star room to meet with my coffee drinking buddies for the last time for a month or so. When I got through, at about 8 o’clock, I returned to the trailer and began taking down the outside items to pack up. I went to get fuel in the truck after getting many of my outside items done. While out, I called Nazir, the owner of the Chevron station, who was supposed to have called us to let us know about his decision on payment of the claim. I left him a message to call me back.

Everything went well with packing up to leave but it took a bit longer than we expected. We left the park a little before 10, but when I stopped in the office to tell them goodbye, Melissa reminded me that I had forgotten to get a final reading on the electric meter. I came back with the numbers and we had a conversation about the upcoming Heartland rally. We finally got away about 10:15.

We had agreed to stop at the hundred mile mark to keep from getting the tank low, so if there was any more of the “gunk” left in the tank, we would not get it into the filter and the motor. We didn’t have any trouble on the trip and made two fuel stops. We got a little over 10 MPG on the trip, and got into Donna about 5 o’clock. Tom met us at the entrance to the park and guided us into out site. We finally got the trailer placed just where we wanted it and hooked up the utilities. The front porch may not be able to be used because of the small concrete patio. I’ll work on it more tomorrow.

Tom and Judy came by and picked us up and took us to a little restaurant right next to the park for supper. We had a nice meal of hamburgers and finished up the meal with some fried ice cream. We all left the restaurant very full, and came home for a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow is the Heartland luncheon in McAllen. I will post more on it soon. Until then, so long.

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