Monday, February 9, 2009

2-9-09, Update on truck

We didn't get the truck back today as we had hoped. Milstead Automotive called this morning and said that they had determined that it had stopped running because of bad fuel. They said they can flush out all the lines and would test drive the truck after the work is done. I was told that either the tech who did the work or Gabe, the service writer, would drive the truck to lunch as a further test drive, but I never heard from him until I called him ab out 4:45. He told me that he wanted to keep the truck overnight so that they can check it in the morning. Thats okay with me, since we don't want to break down on the highway.

We had planned to drive to Clear Lake so Stella can take some papers back to Eric's office and pick up some other work that needs to be done, but thats not going to work out now. If we get the truck back sometime in the morning, we will go ahead with the plan to leave tomorrow and go to Stephen F. Austin for the night and on to Kerrville on Wednesday.

Dee made it back from San Francisco yesterday and they spent all day today moving their clothes and other belongings from the trailer to their new house and plan to move into it for good tomorrow.

We went to a full-timers/snowbird meeting at the rally hall today. Rayford gave a committee $400 to plan and fund activities this year. They did a good job with monthly activities such as baked potato nights, bingo and other fun things to do. It is now time to add some new committee members and that was discussed. It is pretty progressive for a business to allow its customers and guest have activities that they plan and execute. I guess it is a good sign that the committee now has $1,100 in their account, so they have made a lot of money for the park. I would like to be on the committee, but since we will be traveling I don't know how active I could be. We'll see how it works out.

'til next time....

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