Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sunday February 22-Wednesday Feb. 25

Sunday morning we got up and ate breakfast in the trailer. We just lazed around all day long in the trailer. There was a performance by the "kitchen band" a group of people from here in the park. It was pretty good, with lots of old jokes and skits that everyone has seen before, but it was still good and best of all, free!

Monday we stayed around the trailer in the morning. Our next door neighbor, Ivan came over and sat around with me, working on all of the world's problems. We went over to Mission West with Tom and Judy around 2:00 to see the new site they have bought there. It's a nice park that is being developed one site at a time. There was a birthday party for Monna by her husband Gene, the guitar player for the jam session. We sat around outside for awhile, eating birthday cake. When we left, we drove over to some of the other parks in the area, Bentsen Grove, where our friends Bob and Pat Curry are staying, Retama Village, a VERY nice park with casitas, where our friends Ken and Kathy Adams are staying. We met an RV celebrity, Jack Mayer while driving through Retama Village. He is a big contributor to the Escapee's site and pulls a large Teton with his HDT. We also drove through Bentsen Palms Village, another upscale park with many Heartland trailer there.

Tuesday, Bob and Pat Curry came over to visit. They just got down to the valley and are just looking around, trying to make up their mind about parks to stay at in the area. We went to lunch with them at the Furr's buffet where we had gone for the Heartland luncheon. we returned to our trailer where Bob and I installed the router, so both of our computers can access the Internet at the same time. It works perfectly, and will be a good addition to our equipment.

Wednesday, I took my truck to Air Horns of Texas to have a new train horn installed. Tom came to pick me up in the morning and brought Stella and I back about one o'clock to pick the truck up.
I dare you to cut me off now.....
We went to the grocery store for the first time since we've been here. There are several HEB stores in the area, but so far, all we've done is go to Wal Mart to pick up a few grocery items.

Ted and Donna finally got their truck woes sorted out and left today about noon. They plan to stay overnight at Victoria and come into Donna tomorrow.

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