Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday February 26, 2008-Donna Texas

We woke this morning and had our breakfast in the trailer. Stella is getting really good on the new half-time oven, and made us a breakfast pizza. She takes crescent roll dough and spreads it out in the bottom of a pan, then takes eggs, bacon bits and cheese that is beaten and pours it into the dough and bake it. They turn out real good and are easy to make.

Last night, I got an email from Janie about Aunt Frat. She had told me that Frat has been sick since Christmas, but since she's 95 years old, sickness is expected. They had done some tests on her back when she first got sick, but had missed a cancer in the base of her brain, that is pretty much inoperative. Janie gave me Frat's cell phone number and I called her. She said they are taking her to Dallas on Monday so a decision can be made about her treatment. She isn't a quitter and won't give up hope, that's for sure. I hope I'm still around at 95.

I talked to Donna this morning, and they are on their way. About 10 o'clock they were near Kingsville. I told her to call me when they get close and I'll walk down and guide them into the site.

Ted and Donna arrived about 1 o'clock. We got them backed in and parked soon after without any problems. Wwe made ;plans for the rest of the afternoon to go to the luau that had been planned for this afternoon. "Happy hour" started at 4 o'clock. We all met in the hall and found our assigned table. We had a good time at the potluck supper until dessert time, when I found out that we weren't allowed to eat anything that our table didn't bring. Someonme had brought a good looking lemon meringue pie and Donna asked me to get her a piece of it when I went to get dessert. There was only one piece of lemon left, and I took a small piece of when this little old lady with an attitude like a tiger shark came up and jumped all over me for taking items that were "across the line" from our food. I told her that I was sorry and didn't know the rules for this potluck and that it wouldn't happen again. Needless to say, I put her pie back and didn't take anything else for the rest of the night.
I have never been to a potluck dinner before where people were restricted to what they had brought. I have probably hosted 40-50 potluck dinners and have attended more than that, and have neveer been put down like this lady did. I probably won't go back to any more potlucks at this park.

Sorry to leave on such a sour note, but right now, I'm mad.

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