Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday February 21, RGValley

We woke up to rainy weather this morning. The park had a breakfast buffet today so we walked down to eat. Tom and Judy are scheduled to go on an island cruise down into Mexico. Tom won the trip here in the park. The tickets are $40.00 per person, which is not so bad when you get a boat ride and then a catered meal on an island. This same trip, or one like it, was offered to us when we had our CEAT conference at South Padre Island. We didn't schedule it because we didn't know how many would want to participate.

Donna called to tell us that their truck is still acting up. They had loaded everything up in the fridge yesterday in preparation to coming down here, and had to take the trailer back to storage and plug it in when the truck overheated again. She said that they got about a mile down the road this morning and it started again and now they don't feel confident in it any more. I can relate to that!

We met a nice guy at breakfast, Duane Mesch. He is down here in the Valley from Iowa. He work camps in the summer at a county park in Jones County Iowa and invited us to stop by to see him this summer. If we get in the area, we will.

It started raining as soon as we got back to the trailer this morning and should continue all day long with a cold front coming in this evening. It should make for a day to just lay around the trailer and read. Stella said she is going to do the laundry later, and I may get her to cut my hair. I put the awning out (gotta love that electric awning) and after it dries out underneath, I'll set up one of my chairs and have her put out the barber pole.

We decided to put off my haircut until another day, and decided to go to one of the weekend flea markets in the area. We went to one that is on Hwy. 83 bt were very disappointed with the items for sale. It seems like every booth has boots and shoes galore for sale, with lots of exotic skin boots that appear to be some kind of artificial skin. I didn't "habla espanol" enough to ask any questions, so we just walked around for about an hour and left. The parking lot was a mudhole because of the rain earlier, but the only thing it cost us was .25 per person to get in.

We did find the Bentsen Palms RV park and liked it better than the Casa Del Sol, but we don't know about the amenities at BP, so we don't know whether we'd like to stay there. All-in-all, the RGV is nice and very inexpensive for us fixed income retirees, but I'm not convinced it is for us. I may change my mind, but right now I'm not sure that we'll come back next year.

We came back to the trailer and Stella washed some clothes while I stayed in the trailer. She came back and fixed us some sandwiches for supper. It got cooler this evening with the cold front that came through so it should be good sleeping tonight.

So long for now.

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