Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday November 2, 2014-Ron Hoover Oasis RV Park

This has been a very good week for spending time with and visiting family. It's a shame that we don't have more time to spend down here, but we will make the best of it.

Wednesday we stayed home and I worked on cleaning and straightening up the underbelly storage areas. I pulled everything off the slide tray and began weeding out unneeded items. I have been wanting to make a storage area for the satellite dish when we travel, so I measured it off and made a place for it. Ironically, we had a power failure and somehow it affected the antenna electronics because it will search but won't lock in on the satellite. I got the service manager, David, to look at it with me. He has been to schools on Wingard equipment when he worked for the Dish Network several years ago and after checking it out, he recommended spending the money on sending it back for service. We narrowed it down to the two most expensive parts, the main circuit board and the LNB, neither of which can be returned if they are the wrong parts. I will call them later to check prices and their return policies, but it looks as if it's going to be expensive.

Thursday we went to Cameron's 9th grade football game in Texas City. We missed the first half, due to a change in the game starting time. Cam was only playing on the offense and we were so far away from the action, it was hard to see much in the way of his actual actions. It was good to be there to watch him play at any rate. They won their game 24-13.We'll miss his final game next Wednesday because we will be going to the Oklahoma rally, our last of the year.

Friday we went to the Texas City varsity football game at home. Tyler plays in the marching band and it was fun to watch him having fun with his friends during the game. Again, it was very difficult to actually see Tyler when the band was on the field, mainly because Kim wanted us to sit up high in the stands near them in the nosebleed section, but we did have a perfect view of him when the band was in the stands. Texas City won this game 34-13, which gives them a playoff berth.

Saturday morning we met my brother Phil and his wife Carol at Kelley's Restaurant in League City. This place is one of our favorites and on our "bucket list" of places we want to visit while down here. The restaurant was packed but we finally managed to get a table and get fed. The food was plentiful and just as good as we remembered but the best thing was visiting with Phil and Carol. Their son Matthew recently moved to Wisconsin to live with friends there, so they are now "empty nesters" and it's taking some getting used to for them. I'm sure they'll work things out and maybe they will be able to retire and start enjoying life as we are. I hope so, for their sake.

After finishing breakfast, I explained the game of Munzees to Phil and Carol and then took them out and showed them a new Munzee and then actually deployed it in the parking lot. I don't think they will ever play the game but at least they know the basics now.

After breakfast we went to the South Houston High school baseball diamond where Cameron was playing baseball. He played two games in this tournament but they lost the first game 6-2 but crushed the second team, beating them 13-1. Cam pitched in the second game and did very well. He retired the side, throwing only 13 pitches in the first inning, 20 pitches in the second inning and 15 pitches in the third inning.

During the game, we got a free air show by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. There was an air show going on at the Ellington Airfield and we were in the flight path. It was fun and exciting to watch them fly by and I was surprised that there was not more confusion on the baseball field when the planes flew over. The boys were not bothered which surprised me. I figured they would just stand around watching the low-flying airplanes but didn't seem distracted at all by the fliers.

Since we had the huge breakfast, we decided not to go out to eat after the game. Cam of course was hungry but he's a 14 year old athlete, and expected to be hungry but they decided to go home too. 

Sunday morning, we had messages from Kim that Cam's game was set for 8 AM in La Porte, about 25 miles away. Believe it or not, we got there just a few minutes after 8. It was cold this morning but we bundled up and by the time the game was over, it had warmed up and turned out to be a nice day.

We went to Mamacita's Mexican restaurant for a Mexican-style breakfast and it was very good. We can't get enough Mexican food and this was very good. Cameron decided to come home with us to watch the football game. He stayed over here all day, watching the football games and napping on the couch. He had an earlier morning than we did, having to be at the ball field at 7:15 to start warming up and stretching. He had a long day of it, and needed some down time and we enjoyed our time alone with him. It gave us a chance to talk to him and just spend time alone...

Man, that guy can EAT! He ate his own meal and some of his Mom's plate. He ate most of an order of tortillas at breakfast and when he got to our house, he had about 1/3 of a cake that Stella had made. When we took him home, he wanted to get a burger so we went to What a Burger to get him a burger and fries. I told Kim that we need to buy a Jack in the Box or What a Burger franchise because it would probably be cheaper! We loved our time with him and stopped by Baskin-Robbins to see Tyler on our way home. 

So long.

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