Thursday, February 12, 2015

Saturday February 7, 2015-Cottonwood RV Park

Well, here I am again, waaaaay behind on keeping this thing up. I'm going to get it caught up today and then work on keeping it up again.

Our last week here was very busy with two visits to Mexico and several meals out with our friends. I had an appointment late in the afternoon with the dentist on Monday and our friend Bernie had also made an appointment for some work but I cancelled my work because I couldn't get it all done now, so I'll get it done when we return next season. We went over with Bernie and while he was having his dental work done, I went across the street and bought a new pair of glasses. I have plans to wear my new glasses all the time so I'm pretty excited about getting these new glasses.

Tuesday morning we made plans to go to Gonzales Burgers with the group here at the park. None of the others had been to Gonzales Burgers but everyone loved them! We were there a few minutes after 11 and were still order #11. They start taking orders at 11, start cooking around 11:30 and begin serving about noon or whenever the first burgers are done. The burger patties are over a half pound each, which makes the double meat burger a huge meal! They offer a double meat/double bacon/double cheese that I only know of one person having eaten one. At any rate, the food is excellent and we all enjoyed it. 

Wednesday morning I had made plans to go to Bernie's place to go to Air Horns of Texas so he could get information on mounting his air horns on his new Ram truck. There he learned that his old horns would not work on the new truck so he bought a different horn that will fit. Stella and I went to HEB to do some grocery shopping and bought some fuel for the truck. Believe it or not, HEB has the best prices on diesel! We came on back home and had a cookout with our friendly neighbors from Texas.

Thursday we went back to Gonzales Burgers with our friends Mike and Linda. They had never been there before to eat, although we had taken them there a few days ago on a Monday and found out that they are closed on Sunday and Monday. Again, the burgers were great. Stella and I have learned to split one burger and Mike and Linda also split theirs too and we all had plenty of food. 

Friday Stella had her dental appointment in Mexico and Mike and Linda came over and picked us up. We met Ted and Donna and some friends of theirs and all walked across together. Several others had dental work to be done and the rest of us just hung out while they were having their work done. We all met up later and went to one of the local restaurants and had a drinks and snacks and rested up for more shopping. I went by and picked up my new glasses and after shopping our way up the street, we split up with Ted and Donna and their friends and went to lunch at the Red Snapper in Mexico. The food was very good but I was the only one that had Mexican food with the others having shrimp. We all enjoyed our food and conversations with our friends Mike and Linda.

Saturday morning we went to the Don-Wes flea market again. Nothing much was purchased while we were there but we did buy some more grapefruit and oranges. We all met at Martha's Taquieria for lunch and as usual, had great and inexpensive food. 

Later that evening, Stella went with Flora and Nancy to see Dale and Gayle perform at the small rally hall here at the park. No one knew that they had performances here but they said that they were pretty good and they enjoyed themselves. I stayed home with the doggies and kept them company.

We'll be leaving here on Monday, going to the Sweetheart rally in Kerrville.

So long.

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