Friday, February 13, 2015

Thursday February 12, 2015-Buckhorn Lake Resort

It was a cool day here because of a cool front that came through. The temps never got out of the 50's, so after several days in the 80's, it felt quite cold. We stayed in most of the day and only ventured out mid afternoon. I walked around some and visited with several folks around the park before coming back home to get ready to go to supper.

The rally had set up a Mexican food meal at the Mamacita's restaurant as our meal tonight. This has been a tradition for this rally for several years, and it seems to improve every time. We had probably 70-80 people at supper and the restaurant waitstaff did an outstanding job of getting our orders and then getting them delivered. We sat across from our old friends Jerry and Diane. It was good to catch up with them.

I had made plans to go down and play dominoes, but Stella reminded me that there were no planned activities tonight and the hall was not open, so I didn't go. We'll play again tonight and throughout the weekend. The rally is going well and we're having fun. There are a couple of the "old timers" that usually attend that aren't here, but there's always next year.

So long.

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