Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wednesday February 11, 2015-Buckhorn RV Resort

This will start with our last day at Cottonwood, moving day to Buckhorn, our first couple of days here and the first official day of the Sweetheart rally. When this is done, I will again be current.

Sunday was a beautiful day in the valley, with warm temperatures and clear skies. We planned to hang out with our friends here and to make some preparations for leaving tomorrow. We planned a cookout for late afternoon and just sat outside with our friends in the early afternoon. Dave and I wanted t wash our trucks before going to Kerrville, so we, along with Corbin who had already washed his own truck, also helped, got busy and got 'em done. Dave and I manned the brushes and Corbin rinsed for us. All working together, the washing was done in no time and both trucks looked great. Corbin's truck looked better because he took the time to put some polish on his. Larry didn't participate because he was the designated cooker for the meat at the cookout, and everything turned out very well. We all had a good time sitting around and eating, and Dave made a new friend of a stray dog that wandered up. He gave the little dog scraps and he was very well-fed today.

The skeeters came out with a vengeance about the time we got done eating and everyone went home to escape them. Dave came over in a few minutes and invited me to come over to watch "American Sniper" with him and Larry. It was a very good movie and I was glad they called me to watch it.

Monday morning was chilly and I started out wearing sweatpants and a heavy shirt, but it only took about 30 minutes for me to get hot and come inside and change into shorts and a tee shirt. We were through and ready to pull out a little after 9, but by the time we said our goodbyes and got pulled out it was about 9:30. We had an easy drive to Kerrville, stopping at the rest area just after the Border Patrol checkpoint near Falfurrias, a service station in George West that was easy to get into for a quick hot lunch, and later at a picnic area for the pups. We pulled into Buckhorn about 4 o'clock and were set up and ready to rally by 5. 

Jim B. came down and invited us to eat some pasta with them later. Our friends Ken and Kathy were already here and picked up some garlic bread for us to bring to supper. We had a great time visiting with our friends in Jim's trailer but while there, Jim's three Yorkies got into a "little dog dogfight" and Rocco (Also known as rockcujo) suffered a scratched retina. Jim and Nancy had to take him to a vet to get some treatment.

Tuesday morning a group of us (Jim and Nancy, Ken and Kathy and a new (to us) couple named Pat and Elaine) went over to Driftwood to eat lunch at the Salt Lick BBQ. This is a well known barbecue restaurant and it didn't disappoint. It was a long way to drive but the food was excellent and the company was better. It was nice to meet with Pat and Elaine and we are planning to travel together to Goshen. We were all stuffed from lunch but did stop at the New Canaan Farms store in Dripping Springs to pick up some of their delicious jams and jellies. 

Wednesday we went over to the Gibson's store in Kerrville. This is one of only two of the old Gibson Discount stores still in existence. I worked at the Gibson's store in La Marque before starting my career in law enforcement. This store is a True Value hardware store now and has a huge inventory of anything that you can imagine from clothing to hardware. It's fun to shop there to find the quirky odds and ends there. After shopping we picked up a bite to eat at the Chili's restaurant in town.

The rally officially kicked off this afternoon with a Meet and Greet followed by dominoes and games. The dominoes and games are one of the things most talked about in this rally, and all had a good time. The table that I played on quit playing about 9 but Stella's table was more hard-core and they played until after midnight. I would have been asleep in my chair, but they had fun and that's what it's all about.

We're looking forward to more good food and fun and games with our friends.

So long.

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