Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday February 16, 2015-Moving Day-Buckhorn Lake Resort to Oasis RV Park, La Marque TX

We finished up the rally last night with a potluck dinner with game after. The potluck was, as usual, great with a variety of foods, all delicious. After eating, many said their goodbyes with many hugs and handshakes because there are several of us will be leaving tomorrow. 

I played Mexican Train at a table with TXBobcat, Terry and Carol, Nelly, Bette and Diane. We had some very good hands but didn't keep score. It was more fun that way and we all cut up and had many laughs and a great time. Only a few stayed for the games but they missed a great time. 

We were up and drinking coffee at 7 this morning and I went out about 8 to get started on packing up. Wow, a cold (and I mean COLD!!) front came through overnight, dropping the temperatures, and soon after I got outside, it started to rain! The rain came and went all morning and at one point, it felt like sleet and it certainly felt cold. I later checked the thermometer in the truck and it showed 32 degrees! It's been a long time since I've had to pack up to leave in this kind of weather. I walked down and said goodbye to my new friend Pat, whom I had missed last night. 

We pulled out about 9:15 and were soon on the highway toward San Antonio. There wasn't much traffic today and we made very good time. We made our first stop at the Buccee's in Luling, and we had just gotten inside when we ran into Malcolm and Val, who were traveling to California and had also stopped at the world famous Buccee's. We had a nice short chat with them before we bought some good kolaches to munch on while traveling. It continued to rain on us most of the way to Houston and we made it into the Oasis a bit after 3, pretty good time!

We were assigned site #113, but when we arrived there, it was occupied by a huge motorhome and a mad owner. He had just bought it and didn't know anything about it, not even how to start it up. I felt sorry for him, with a huge machine that he was unfamiliar with but I'm a trailer guy, not a motorhome, so there's not much I could help him with, especially since it's freezing out here and I just wanted to get set up and go inside where it's nice and warm. They came out and told me to choose another site, so I took a back-in across the street. After a bit of maneuvering, we were done and all set up. We'll probably set up our porch tomorrow but it's too cold and nasty to do any more today.

 We fired up the fireplace and it immediately warmed the trailer, making it toasty warm. Stella later made us some supper and Life is Good...

So long.

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