Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday February 1, 2015-Cottonwood RV Park

We had a nice day yesterday. Warm and dry weather, The rest of our group here at Cottonwood wanted to go to the Don-Wes flea market again before going out to eat and then to a show at another park. Stella and I didn't need any more fleas, so we stayed home and asked them to call us when they went out to eat. They found a place called Nana's Taqueria in Weslaco and we joined them there. There was a language barrier between the waitress and us and the orders got all confused. We all got what we ordered but our order came out first with the others being delayed to the point that we questioned if their orders had been placed. It all finally worked out and we were all very satisfied with our food. Stella is still on a soft food diet from her dental work and she only ordered a small baked potato, but I shared some of my quesadillas with her and she was satisfied. Several of the others had something called lonches, which seemed to be a cross between a taco and a sandwich that was topped with avocado and tomatoes. It looked very good and if we go back, I may try one.

We then went to the Victoria Palms Resort to see a duo called Bernie and Red. Here is another link to their website. They are a Canadian husband and wife pair who are celebrating their 50th anniversary with tonight's performance. The rest of our group had already seen them a few days ago and said that many of their jokes were the same with a few new ones thrown in. Since we hadn't seen them before, we enjoyed the show. 

Today, Super Bowl Sunday, we had a nice get-together at Corbin and Flora's trailer. We had hot dogs with all the trimmings and some delicious beans that Nancy made. Stella contributed her apple dumplings and the meal was complete. We sat outside and watched the Super Bowl on Corbin's small TV set. He set it up using his brand new Jack rooftop antenna and got an outstanding picture, since the game was on a local station. We watched the game but at the half, it started to rain, making everyone scurry around to find a place under the awning. It was getting pretty crowded under the awning so I just came on back home to watch the end of the game, and what an ending it was!
Congratulations to the Patriots for a hard-fought win.

I dread tomorrow and my final dental work for this trip. I have two more teeth to be pulled in preparation for some more work that will be done when we return. There just simply isn't time to get everything done right now. I'll just have to suck it up and get 'er done. 

So long.

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