Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday April 20, 2015-Moving Day-Alamo Fiesta RV Resort to Bay Colony RV Park, Dickinson

We were up pretty early this morning to get an early start on what should be a good travel day. The temps were in the low 50's this morning but by the time I went outside to get started, they had started to rise. There were just some high clouds in the sky, so things were looking good. 

I visited with others that are leaving this morning and we still pulled about 9:30. We had some slowdowns along Hwy. 46 at Bulverde and in New Braunfels because of traffic construction but we made it through okay. We only stopped once at the rest area near Luling. It was a rather long stop but we took care of the dogs while there too so it was worth the extra time. We only have about 240 miles to go today and we continued on down Interstate 10 at a good pace. There were no traffic issues through Houston and we pulled into the park about 2:20, right on time. We had reservations so check-in didn't take long except for a long application with information on it. 

Set-up was a breeze today but the stupid Carryout antenna is giving me trouble again. It will pick up a good signal but won't lock in on it. I plan on making some calls to see what I can find out about this problem. Wish me luck!

It's kind of nostalgic, staying again in Dickinson. We haven't lived here in a long time. I'll let you know how it goes.

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