Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sunday March 29, 2015-Coffee Creek RV Park

It was much warmer this morning, but sadly it was the departure day for many of our friends at the rally. We gathered in the rally hall for a quick breakfast and got in some last-minute visiting in with those that are packing up today. 

A group of us went back over to the old Palo Pinto because most of the rest had not seen it yet and I wanted to take some pictures. When we arrived, it was closed! Bummer...

Here we are, but outside the gate.  

They have a very nice gate that someone went to a lot of trouble to build. It looks like someone did some excellent work with a water jet or some sort of metal router.

The plaque on the front of the old jail. 

Some of the courtyard and the front door of the jail.

They  have an old "dog-trot" house that is complete with old furnishings.

This old wagon was actually used in the movie Lonesome Dove. The producer went to an old farm and found remnants of the old wagon, but a crew searched the area and found all the metal pieces for the wagon. He then had the wood replaced and built an exact replica from the old parts. I wish I was able to take close up photos to show you. It was really interesting and the back story made it even cooler.

From Palo Pinto, we went back to Mineral Wells but found the Crazy Water store closed. Another Bummer.

After leaving, we tried to go back to the Mexican restaurant where we had eaten the other day, but like everything else, it was closed today.We did find another, the El Paseo restaurant in Mineral Wells. After our meal we came back home to rest and got together later for more dominoes. It was a great way to end the rally!

So long.

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