Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tuesday April 21, 2015-Bay Colony RV Park

We took it easy today, recovering from the travel day. Well, not really, but we did lay around a lot today. Tyler had a root canal and we made a stop at their house to check on him. He was surprised to see us, so that was fun. He thought we were still out of state but we showed him we were here. He was fine and not in any pain.

Cameron had a ball game tonight in Texas City, a treat for us because all his other games have been way off and we had to drive to see him play. Unfortunately he didn't play until the last inning of the game. This team was not too much of a threat so the coach wanted to get some other players a chance to get some game time in.

Cam got a thundering hit to the outfield to get on base. He stole second base and advanced to third before the opposing pitcher walked him in for a score.

Scoring run #14! His team won the game 17-0. As I said,not much of a threat! He plays again Friday night and we'll see the game.

So long.

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