Friday, April 17, 2015

Sunday April 12, 2015-Choctaw Casino KOA

As usual, I have fallen behind and must play catch-up. This entry will document the Oklahoma rally (sorry Rex and Stacey).

My lower back and legs have really been bothering me and I can't figure out what has happened. I just know that I haven't been as active in the rally as I normally am, but hopefully it will straighten itself out. 

We went over to the casino for breakfast on Thursday. They don't have the free senior breakfast buffet that the Thackerville casino had but this one is buy one, get one free from a menu. It was good and there was plenty of food and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Another good thing about this casino is the kitchen in the rally hall. It is a full kitchen with pots and pans, a huge ice machine, coffee pots and an iced tea maker/dispenser. 

Rex and Stacey had a fish fry on Friday afternoon and everything went off without any problems. There were plenty of volunteers to help with the cooking and to simply watch Rex frying the fish and we all enjoyed the time together.

We met for hot dogs with all the trimmings at lunch on Saturday. Everyone loves a good old dog! Also after lunch we had the door prizes given out. It was one of those pick a sealed bag and open it. If the next person wanted it, they took it and you got another choice. We ended up with a coffee filter dispenser that Stella wanted, a padded kitchen mat and then someone gave us a stadium seat that I wanted. Nice prizes!
Best of all, we won the 50/50 drawing of $55! You know, we are retired and living on a fixed income! Every little bit helps...

We went out to eat supper at the Road House Bar and Grill for a good selection of steaks and burgers. The food was good but for some reason, our order was lost and everyone was almost done with their meal when ours were delivered. Stella and I both had the chicken fried chicken and they were very good and we brought about half of each order home for another meal.

The rally went off without a hitch, but a lot of hard work by Rex and Stacey. Good job guys!

Sunday morning, we were up and bidding some of the rally-goers so long until the next time. There were about eight of us that stayed over until Monday, so we had a small potluck lunch in the rally hall to polish off the leftovers. We're already looking forward to the fall when we will return here.

So long.

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