Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Monday March 30, 2015-Moving Day-Coffee Creek RV Park to Center RV Park, Center TX

We were up and going pretty early this morning but we don't all that far to travel today. I had made an appointment to take the trailer to Discount Tire to have the nail in one of the tires checked out. After many hugs and handshakes, we left right about 10AM and made good time to the DT store. I was directed to park beside a boat trailer that was being worked on and was told that ours would be looked at soon. That didn't work out too well. A service truck that picks up all the old tires from the store arrived and was given my parking space, so we were delayed by over an hour. Then there was an issue with jacking the trailer, so another delay. We finally figured out to use the hydraulic jacks on the trailer and got the tire off and found what appeared to be a part of a razor blade that was just barely breaking into the tire and causing a small air leak. It was removed and upon remounting the tire, we were soon on our way. I don't guess I should complain about a free flat repair but I was still aggravated about being delayed.

We made excellent time across I-20 and stopped at a rest area near Tyler for our break. This was the busiest rest area that we've ever been in, with several big rigs being double stacked in the parking areas. Stella fixed us some sandwiches to tide us over until we get to Center.

Remember the last time that we stayed here and I complained about the deep hole in the parking lot? The complaints did some good because the concrete has been repaired and it was easy to get in and parked. I noticed one of the sites with what appeared to be a wifi antenna on it and that's the one that we chose. It proved to be a good choice because the wifi reception has been outstanding. After an easy set-up, we are ready to go. We made a quick trip to the grocery store and called Janie to let her know that we had made it. We made plans to go over to her house tomorrow and turned in. It had been a long day.

So long.

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