Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Monday October 19, 2015-Moving Day-Choctaw Casino KOA to Center RV Park, Center TX

We were up pretty early this morning to get ready to move to the Center RV Park, but it was only a little over 200 miles to travel, so we weren't in a big hurry. It was freezing cold when I went out the first time-in my short pants-so I was soon back inside changing into my sweat pants which were much warmer. They were warmer but not water proof! As soon as I stepped outside, I got soaked down by the stupid sprinklers. I went on outside and was met by several others which were taking a break from packing up because of the sprinklers.

They only ran for a short time, so we were back in business and ready to go a little after 9 o'clock. After hugs and handshakes with our remaining friends we pulled out around 9:30. We made good time down the highway. One odd thing that I want to report was that we saw a Pontiac station wagon, probably a 80's vintage. We had seen another one the other day when coming to Durant. It was a Chevy, with the wood panels on the sides. I just thought it was ironic to have seen two station wagons in two different locations. Man, those things were huge!

We made it into the park here in Center and were soon set up. We had a bit of a problem with an electrical hookup here, but we've experienced that before here, so we just changed sites. Everything finally got connected and we are home for a few days!

So long.

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