Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday October 6, 2015-Bay Colony RV Resort

Well... my 50th class reunion went very well. We skipped the daytime activities, a Friday tour of Galveston by trolley after a lunch at Maceo's Spice in the Strand district, A Saturday tour of Ball High school, and a Sunday brunch at the San Luis hotel. 

Our Friday night meal was at Willie G's which is a very expensive (excessively so) restaurant which turned out to be a total bust, at least for us. We happened to be at the end of the line in getting served and they ran out of food! Well, not really ran out, but Stella and I only had 7 or 8 shrimp and some dried out chicken. 

Saturday's meal at the Fisherman's Wharf was much better. Waiters came around with quesadillas and bacon wrapped shrimp for appetizers and they were delicious. The main course was a good chicken dish with good fish and great fried oysters. The best thing was that there was plenty of food for us, as we were again one of the last tables called. 

The best thing about the reunion was visiting with many, many of my classmates. I can't begin to list everyone that was there but I would say that there were almost 150 of my classmates and their spouses. It was flattering and gratifying to me that so many of them knew of our travels and adventures. Many knew of my recent medical issues and expressed concern about my health. Of course, we are all of the same age, so medical issues were a big topic of discussion around the tables. 

It was so good to see so many old friends and we all wished the weekend could have run on longer. We will have another reunion in five years but I would like to see some other restaurants used. I volunteered to help with this reunion but was not chosen. Oh well, I had a great time and no pressure...

Sunday we went to Pearland to watch Cameron's select ball team get skunked 10-0. Cam was the the only one on his team to get on base, but he was stranded on base. He was pretty disgusted over the loss, but it didn't hurt his appetite. 

Monday we went to a doctor appointment for Stella and ran errands in the afternoon. We went to Kim's house in the afternoon and Stella fixed some of her goulash for supper. We finally got a chance to see and spend time with Tyler, who is now working for  construction company as a general laborer and taking college credits online. He says he likes his job with the additional money that he makes but says he doesn't know his grades. We'll see about that!

Today began with a doctor appointment for me. It didn't go too badly for me and she is starting me on some new diabetes medicine. It is a weekly injection, so I won't start it until next week. 

This afternoon, it was another reunion with a classmate, Bob Narvaez. Bob and I went to the junior high school together but drifted apart and lost track of each other until recently. It was fun to catch up with our lives and to recall stories from our youth. We had a nice 2 hour supper visit with him and hope to meet him again when we return to the area.

Tomorrow will be my first pack up and leave day and it will feel good to be back on the road. I don't expect any problems, and hope that there are no surprises.

So long.

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Papasteve1953@aim.com said...

There's absolutely no reason to run out of food at a large event like that. It sucks being last in line tho, I remember that happening in Tenn @IRV rally and never attended another large event since. Glad to hear y'all doing well.

Steve & Pat