Friday, October 16, 2015

Thursday October 15, 2015-Choctaw Casino KOA

It was a bit cooler this morning when I got up for my walk, but again, it warmed up in the afternoon. A cold front is supposed to be here tomorrow, so maybe we're going to see some fall weather.

We got word this morning that our good friends, Michael and Kelly are coming in today for an overnight stay. They are coming from the Branson MO area and going to south Texas to work in the oil patch again. 

We had our rally kick-off Meet and Greet in the rally hall. They really know how to present their park for rallies. They have a completely furnished kitchen with coffee and tea pots available for use, with all the extras. It makes putting on a rally easy!

When the M & G was over, I went up to the park office to wait for Michael and Kelly to arrive, and sure enough, about 20 minutes later, they were here. After hugs and handshakes, they went to check in and were soon on their way to get set up for the night. Michael only put out the minimum for the overnight stay and we made arrangements to meet up to go over to the buffet dinner. Dave and Nancy along with Larry and Mary Ann went over with us, so we had a nice group. They put us in an area by ourselves and we had a nice visit, catching up with our friends. Larry and Mary Ann had a fire at their house and while checking on the roof, Larry fell onto a fence, narrowly avoiding being impaled on the fence. What a lucky guy!

We sat and chatted for almost 3 hours before calling it a night. Michael and Kelly stayed in the casino to gamble. They both got $10 in credit on their players cards but I didn't hear and screaming about how much money they won, so like almost everyone else, they came back home broke. And I was so hoping that they would win so Kelly could buy me that new Landmark!

So long.

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