Monday, October 12, 2015

Sunday October 11, 2015-K E Bushman Camp

The South Texas chapter rally is over and we had a great time...again. There was a huge turnout for this rally with 7 newbies attending. I was able to spend some time with some of them, making new friends.

We stayed home for most of the rally, only going out to eat once at a nearby family-style  restaurant. The food was typically good and plentiful and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

I sold my old Carryout antenna while we were here. I told one of the other attendees that I had one for sale and Tim looked me up and bought it. While we were here, I met Ron Russell, a representative for Titan Brakes, who was here for a seminar on disk brakes. Ironically, Tim had bought and installed disk brakes on his Bighorn while here at the rally.

We had good weather for the rally, but it has been hot! We had some cool mornings, but no rain and hot temps. This area needs some rain badly but the temperatures are unusually hot for this time of the year. It's good to be out and traveling again but I'm ready for some cooler fall weather. Oh well, I'm sure it will cool off soon. At least by Thanksgiving!

So long.

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