Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday September 4, 2016-Moving Day-Center RV Park to Tyler Oaks RV Resort

Well, our time in Center is over but we've had a great time. I love small towns! Everyone is so friendly. You walk through the Wal Mart and almost everyone speaks or nods. We went to church this morning and everyone around us introduced themselves to us. Of course,it helps that my Aunt Janie knows everyone in town. 

We were going to stay here until Tuesday, but the park has changed. I used to rave about the park wifi but no longer. It constantly broke connections and I lost two long documents because of the dropped service. I called to report it and they sent their park attendant to reset the server and it helped somewhat, but still lost connections. There has never been good reliable cell service at this park, so our own Internet service won't work either since it's Internet based.I see it as a possible safety issue. What if an emergency comes up? 

At any rate, we still had fun and will return. We decided to change parks to a new park in Tyler. We were to come over here to Tyler tomorrow to celebrate cousin Doug's birthday, so by moving over here, we can spend more time at the party and only have 35 or so miles to drive to Canton for our next rally. 

We made the drive over here after attending church. Janie then took us to the Center Country Club for a delicious buffet lunch. They had some great fresh vegetables, something I love and miss having. We went back to our home and finished up packing and pulled out about 2:30, much late than our usual departure time, but a much shorter distance to travel. The trip was flawless, with very little traffic. Gotta Love It!

Happy Labor Day!!!

So long.

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