Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday March 10, 2017-Moving Day-Quail Springs RV Park to Lost Alaskan RV Park, Alpine TX

We stayed an extra day in Uvalde on Thursday to explore the area but didn't get much accomplished. We went to visit Fort Inge, the site of an old army fort from many years ago but when we arrived, the fort and museum was closed. The roads to the fort were dirt and pretty bad and the area around the entrance was very  neglected and overgrown but we were bummed about driving all the way out there to find it closed.

We did find a very nice restaurant at the airport in Uvalde called the Hangar 6 Air Cafe. A very helpful waitress helped us decide what we wanted to order and the food was very good. Our friend George S. had recommended a place called the Oasis Outback but we learned that it is only open for lunch and we wanted to eat supper. It was very good and we would advise you to try it, especially if you like airplanes and watching them take off and land. One interesting thing that we noticed was that the ceiling fans have blades that look like actual propellers from an airplane! 

This morning we were up and ready to go by 8:45. Today was a great day for a drive. It started out cloudy and overcast and we ran through a short rain, but it was more like a mist and didn't last very long. Our trucks and trailers are so filthy that it won't matter.

We arrived about 3, after what seemed to be a looooong drive. I guess it was a combination of no traffic and limited scenery to look at but we were tired upon arrival. We really made pretty good time.

As soon as we arrived, some of our Heartland friends that are already here came by. It was good to see them and after a short visit, we kept on working on getting set up. We had one little boo-boo when we were escorted to the wrong site. The gentleman doing escort duty today apparently misunderstood what site we were to go to and took us to #14 instead of #4. We soon got it straightened out and were soon set up. Everything worked as advertised and after having a park crew to trim a couple of tree limbs so they wouldn't rub on the trailer, we were set!

More friends came by for short visits during the afternoon. The weather is just about perfect here, with cool temps in the evening. It was warm this afternoon when in the sun, but once I got into the shade, all was well. We are looking forward to many others to arrive and I'm sure that we'll have a great time.

So long.

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