Saturday, March 4, 2017

Friday March 3, 2017-Cottonwood RV Park

We were up and in Mexico this morning before 10 for my final appointment with my dentist, Dr. Eduardo Flores. He has done a good job on my dental work and I returned this morning to have the new denture realigned to fit even better. After having my last 7 teeth pulled, my mouth and jaw was very sore for a week or so, but now it has been two weeks and my gums feel much better. 

I went in and Mary, one of Dr. Flores' assistants, took care of me. She made new impressions of my mouth, making me do different facial movements-swallowing, pursing my lips like I was kissing, sucking on a straw, etc. so that the lab could reshape it to fit even better. 

We took a couple of hours off to get something to eat-quite an operation with no lower teeth in my mouth- but we went to our favorite restaurant, Rene's, where I had a Mexican omelette. Of course it was delicious and soft enough to eat, so I had a nice tasty meal. We went and did a little shopping and just piddled around until the time came for us to return to Dr. Flores' office. I didn't have to wait long until I was called in. The office had been packed this morning when we arrived with walk-in's and some of the same folks were still there waiting for service. My teeth now fit even better and I didn't even need any further adjustments. 

We went over to see our friends Mike and Linda at their park, Ranchero Village in nearby Weslaco. This is a nice large RV park and much closer to Mexico than our place in Mission. Mike and Linda had some other visitors, Jim and Betty, that we also knew. We met all of them while park hosting at Inks Lake, so it was good to catch up with all. Mike and Linda had dropped by Inks Lake while we were there and were our next door neighbors for their short stay but Jim and Betty have moved on to other state parks. Sad.

We had a nice visit before having to get back home to check on Tramp. Tramp had gone to see the Vet a day or so ago and was given a clean bill of health. His shots are up to date and they found nothing wrong with him except he has gained a couple of pounds and needs to lose it. Sound familiar? 

We stopped and picked up hamburgers for supper, since we hadn't eaten since noon. The burgers were also a test for my "new" teeth and they did just fine. I can bite again!! Don't laugh, it's somewhat of a milestone for me right now.

So long.

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