Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday March 26, 2017-Sims residence

Our time with our friends Bill and Ornell is coming to a close for this visit. We always have such a good time spending time with them and this one was even better. We went out to eat a couple of times, the first being a small family-run Mexican restaurant called La Hacienda where we had a great breakfast. It is very similar to the ones we eat at in Mexico. The other restaurant is called the Pine Tree Lodge, where we had some great seafood. Our friends Jim and Sheila also came by to eat with us. The restaurant is located on a bayou that is full of alligators but we didn't see any on the day we visited. 

We had a storm overnight on Friday with heavy rains (7" in Bill's rain gauge), high winds and some hail, but we were safe and secure inside our trailer. There was lots of standing water in the yards and street but nothing flooded.

It was nice to just sit outside on the back porch and visit. One or more of Bill and Ornell's kids dropped by to check on them, sometimes accompanied by grandkids. We had a very relaxing time here but rallies are calling.

So long.

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