Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tuesday March 21-Moving Days-South Llano River Resort to Sims residence, Port Arthur Tx

We slept a bit later Tuesday morning, sleeping in until after 7AM bit we still got  away about 9:30. Pretty good and I liked the extra few minutes of sack time. There was no change in the weather from yesterday but we had much more traffic when we neared San Antonio. There was a question of how to navigate San Antonio; I wanted to stay on I-10 through town but the Garmin, I Pad, Google maps and Stella ganged up on me and we took Loop 1604. I don't like the short stretch of the loop near the old air base, where you have to navigate lots of traffic and some traffic lights. It seems absurd to me for a major loop around a large city has to be controlled by traffic devices...

We made good time and arrived at the Houston West KOA in Brookshire about 2:30. We met our delightful neighbors, Van and Pat, who invited us over for some wine and chat, so we went over and stayed for a couple of hours. Van designed robotics and worked for NASA at one time. He went to work for a private company after and told us a story of an aircraft that had gone down in the ocean in what was believed to be about 6.000 feet of water. The Discovery channel wanted to recover the aircraft for a television documentary and approached his company to design and build a robotic submarine to perform the recovery. They agreed on a price and the unit was built and delivered. When it arrived on site, it was discovered that the depth of the water was 10,000 feet instead of 6,000 and when the recovery was tried, the extreme depth was more than it could handle and it failed. They again approached the company to build another recovery vehicle. This time they wanted to lease the vehicle for the recovery of the aircraft, but the company responded that this would be satisfactory and that they wanted to buy the original underwater vehicle back at the original price. Of course, that was met with approval, so the unit was built, taken out and the aircraft was recovered. The Discovery channel had their documentary, the aircraft and then the company recovered the original underwater craft, which was virtually undamaged, so they could sell it and make plenty of profit. 

We had a nice visit with them and perhaps we'll meet up with them again. They are from the Breaux Bridge Louisiana area and we occasionally go to the area, so it's possible.

Wednesday morning we again slept in but we don't have nearly as far to drive today. We didn't leave until after 10 but we breezed through Houston with only minor slowdowns along the way. We got  to Bill's house about 12:30 and were soon backed into his driveway to "moochdock" for a few days. I stole this term from our friend Howard Payne ( 

We sat outside chatting with Bill for awhile after getting set up and I came in to write this and relax for a bit. It should be a good time here and we're looking forward to it.

So long.

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