Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wednesday March 8, 2017-Moving Day-Cottonwood RV Park to Quail Springs RV Park, Uvalde TX

A bit of follow up before talking about our trip to Uvalde. We went to eat with Ted and Donna on Sunday to Cheddar's. As usual, the food was great but the wait to get into the restaurant was bad. As I've grown older, the less likely it is that I will wait to get into a restaurant, but I've learned that Cheddar's is worth it. We had a nice time visiting with Ted and Donna but were glad that we had this time together.

On Monday, Dave and Nancy and us went to PF Chang for lunch. We had all been wanting to visit one of these and were glad we did. The food was fresh and spicy and we all enjoyed ourselves. We will go back to this one!

Tuesday the four of us went to Gonzales Burgers in Donna, to get in one more great burger. We love the huge burgers and each couple always split one burger and still have plenty to eat. This time, the girls decided that we would also split one order of fries and onion rings and it worked out perfectly. We all had plenty of fries, so it was a good decision.

Now to today. We were up and moving by 7AM but with the work we both did last night, things went very smoothly. We actually pulled right on time of 9 o'clock. We stopped at the office and dropped off our final rent check along with payment for our electrical usage for the time we have been here.

It was a lousy day for traveling, with rain on us much of way. It actually began just as we pulled out but became heavier as we drove west. Another thing that made the trip bad was that we went through many small towns and they all had at least two traffic lights, some more than that. And the Highway Patrol certainly has a huge presence down here. Most of the first part of the trip runs near the Rio Grande river, so I suppose the number of State Troopers was to combat the influx of illegal aliens. We also saw two of the DPS gunboats that are used to patrol the river. They were probably being moved to a new location because they were being trailered and the boats had been stripped of all weaponry. I suppose they could be two new boats being delivered. I just don't know...

We made good time with light traffic. Both of the trucks and trailers are filthy from road grime, but it is senseless to clean them up until we arrive in Alpine. We arrived here at the Quail Springs RV Resort right on time at 3 o'clock. This is a very nice park located right in the middle of town. It seems to be very well kept and the only complaint that we had was the number of trees that interfere with TV reception. I got mine to work by sitting my antenna near the adjoining site, but there is no one in the site right now. Holding my breath that no one comes in and asks me to move it.

We're staying here for a couple of nights to explore a new area. Alpine and the first rally of the season will come on Friday.

So long.

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