Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friday June 27, 2008

I got off work today, Friday, and decided that Stella and I deserved a good mexican food meal. I called her and learned that she was on her way home anyway and she agreed that we should go out to eat tonight. Then I had the brilliant idea to call Phil, my brother, to see if they would like to meet us for supper. He moved to Dickinson (actually League City, but it's just outside of Dickinson) a year or so ago, and we don't get together often enough. He agreed to meet us but asked us to wait until 7 o'clock so Carol could get home from work. They brought their daughter Lindsay and her husband Mark and of course the new (two week old) baby Aric. His name is Aric (pronounced like Eric) Jacob and they refer to him as AJ.

We met at Mamacita's mexican restaurant on Nasa Rd. 1. It's been a long time since we ate there. They put us out on the covered and air conditioned patio and man, was it ever loud! There were a couple of large groups celebrating birthdays and since there were 9 of us, they put us out there with them. It was impossible to carry on a conversation at the table because of the noise. The food was good, but very expensive. I remember when we first started going to Mamacita's, it was a small restaurant with good food and great prices. It seems as though when a restaurant becomes popular, its a license to go up on the prices. I got a half-order of nachos and got 6 triangles of tortilla chip with some taco meat and beans and cheese for $6.95. A dollar apiece is outrageous to me. Stella wanted crispy tacos and found just the tacos on the ala carte menu but they were $3.50 each. She ended up with three tacos on a dinner plate which included rice and beans that cost $8.95.

I told Phil about our plans to retire next year and pointed out to him andt tomorrow makes exactly 14 months until I retire! I told him of our plans and the itenarary for the rest of the year after retirement. He said it sounds like fun to him! We can't wait.

Phil told me that Bobbye Sue, our sister, is supposed to come visit him for the 4th of July weekend. We haven't see her in several years after she moved away to Iowa, but shes back in Texas now and maybe we'll see her again sometime. We're going to be out of town at Rayford that weekend but maybe we'll see them another time.

Thats about all from here now.

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