Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday and Sunday, June 28 & 29, 2008

We woke up Saturday morning to cloudy skies threatening rain. Stella wanted to go out and cut the back yard in the morning while it was cool. I went out and helped her some but I had already cut the front grass yesterday, so my chores outside were done.

My friend Emile Humbert called around noon and wanted to meet us somewhere for supper. We agreed to meet at Landrys in Kemah about 4 o'clock. We met them right on time and had a great meal together. We walked around the Kemah boardwalk some after eating and marveled at the people out there riding the rides including the speed boat ride. A ride on the Joe's Crabshack/Landry's cigarette boat cost an adult $12.00. The ride lasts about 15 minutes and goes out into the ship channel before returning to the dock. There were over 100 people on the boat on each trip and they probably do three trips out an hour. How much money is that?

After walking around the boardwalk, we all went to our homes. I just about went to sleep at the computer, but the Police Dept. called and wanted me to come out to help in the investigation of an aggravated assault. I went to the Southeast Memorial Hospital where I met with teh victim and his girlfriend. It was a frustrating case and I didn't get home until after midnight. I'm glad I took my Garmin with me; I would have had a hard time finding the hospital without it.

Sunday morning we got up and Stella fixed us some breakfast. I laid around in the recliner-I'm really gonna miss that thing-and watched my Sunday morning shows. That is to say, I napped most of the morning. Stella got the clothes washed and folded. She got the clothes that belong in the trailer together and we'll take them out and put them away later this afternoon.

Kim called Stella about 10 o'clock and wanted to go shopping for the boys. Stella told her to come on by and pick her up, but it's 2:30 now and she hasn't shown up yet. Stella just told me she talked to her and she and Cameron laid down and went back to sleep. We'll probably go down there to their house later this afternoon. They still have a Father's Day card for me, so it will be another small celebration.

Another fun weekend at our cave.....

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