Sunday, June 8, 2008

Preparation for Branson trip

We took the trailer to Rayford for the weekend and to get things ready to go to Branson on Wednesday morning. We got held up on the Beltway, so we were delayed in getting to the park Friday night. We brought the boys with us this weekend so they could have a weekend away to fish and swim. They insisted in going to Red Robin Friday night, so of course, we took them.

Saturday morning I got up and pulled everything out of the storage in the trailer to get everything arranged and more organized. Then in the afternoon, we went with Ricky and Dee to Best Buy to get us a GPS unit like the one Ricky just bought. I bought the Garmin 200W which is the wide-screen model. I did some research on the internet-thanks again Al Gore for inventing the Internet-and learned that this model is rated best for a unit to merely navigate without the bells and whistles. I don't really need bluetooth, my teeth are a pretty shade of green anyway, and I have a cell phone to call someone if I need to, so I went the cheap route and bought the Garmin. I almost got to use it Saturday night. I got called out for a sexual assault and tried to use the Garmin to find the Texas Children's hospital, but before I got too far out I was recalled and didn't have to go after all.

Sunday morning started out clear and hot already. I was walking around the park and saw an old friend, Ed Bowen out talking to another camper. We had a nice visit. I learned that Ed and Sharon have another year to work and then they plan to retire. He said he has made up his mind to buy an Escalade trailer and of course, will have to buy a bigger truck to pull it.

I'll post more if anything interesting happens on the way home this afternoon.


Melissa said...

Whatcha gonna buy me in Branson? :)

Jay said...

Nada, zilch,'re way too old for me to buy you something

David said...

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