Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Trip Home, June 17, 2008

We got up pretty early on Tuesday morning to leave. Most of the outside chores had already been done. I ate one of the frozen breakfast sandwiches and we got away about 7:30. Since both Ricky and I had already filled up, we hit the road, but went out on the regular highway instead of the "back way" like we did when we came in last week. We had talked the night before about driving straight through back to Rayford, and we agreed to see how we felt after going through the rough stretch of roads, but we made good time and didn't have any problems. We stopped for fuel at a Wal Mart in Bryant Arkansas (183 miles using 17.7 gals of diesel, 10.3 MPG) and both Ricky and I decided that after breezing through the roughest part of the trip, making Rayford today wouldn't be a problem at all. Dee had called ahead and made a reservation at a small park in Marshall Texas for tonight and we decided that we would wait until we got to Texarkana to cancel the reservation.

Since we didn't stop for anything to eat, we pulled over into a Wal Mart in Marshall, but couldn't find anything in their deli that looked good, so we decided to push on further. We ended up in a Burger King in Henderson for our lunch because it was so hard to find parking for our rigs. It rained on us off and on all day, and it was raining when we stopped for lunch, but it wasn't bad going.

We stopped for fuel again in Tenaha at a little truck stop ( 243.1 miles using 20 gals. of diesel, 12.1 MPG). We had gotten separated from Ricky and Dee because my umbilical cord had come unplugged and I stopped to plug it back in. Ricky stopped for fuel after we did, so I pulled into the store to wait for them. The rest of the trip home was uneventful.

We pulled into Rayford about 8:30. It was good to be home again. It was a good trip and we had fun but it was good to be back. I hooked up the necessary utilities and we decided to go into the hot tub. Ricky was feeling bad, so he stayed in the rig, but Stella, Dee and I went to the tub for awhile. When I hit the bed later, I certainly didn't have to be rocked to sleep!

We got up the next morning and had our big breakfast that we had planned for Branson. Ricky still wasn't feeling well, and he made a doctor's appointment for the afternoon. We left for home around noon.

My last fill-up was the next day in Texas City. I went 259.7 miles using 21.8 gals. of fuel for 11.9 MPG. I will make another post for all the numbers.

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