Friday, June 20, 2008

Saturday June 14, 2008

On Saturday morning, the third and next-to-last day of the rally, we got up and went to the rally hall for breakfast. We then drove downtown to the old business district where there were a lot of older stores including a five and dime that was very interesting. We later rode the duck around the downtown area and went for a ride into the river. It was fun and the driver, Capt. Bubba, was very funny. It’s worth the money just to hear the humorous stories from Capt. Bubba and to blow the duck call at others around town.
While on our way back to the park, we stopped at a little group of businesses near the park, one of which was a sign maker. We picked out some RV-based signs to go around our sites and told him we would pick them up tomorrow. We also went to the Jigglin’ George store. This thing is a vibrating foot rest that is supposed to make everything in your body work better. It is also very expensive ($299)!! It’s a lot more than any of us wanted to pay. They also sell a large selection of the Croc brand plastic slip-on shoes. They sell varieties that we haven’t seen, so of course, Stella had to pick out a pair.
We went back to the park to clean up and attend the final night’s catered dinner of barbecue. After finishing up our delicious meal, we received our door prizes that had been bought for all of us. We won a stick-on window thermometer and a large can of Deep Woods Off spray. Both of them will come in handy. I had one of the thermometers one time, but left it on the window when we left the park and it blew off somewhere along the road. One of our friends, Bob and Christina Seamon won a 20” television for their trailer. We sat around to visit with friends in the rally hall after the meal and give-aways were over before retiring for the last night of the rally.
It really sucked that we were on the other side of the park from the rest of the group, but I guess that’s the way it goes. Our site was pretty bad, with a large drop off but we managed to get in and out without falling or breaking anything. It helped that someone left a wooden platform that we used as a bottom step.

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