Monday, March 14, 2011

Saturday March 5 thru Sunday March 13, 2011-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

A group of us from here at the park went out to Luby's for breakfast on Saturday morning and I took Stella to work. Sunday, Harry and Judy came up from Texas City and Ted and Donna came over and we all went out to eat lunch at Casa Imperial. Tommy and Susan had to go to a birthday party and couldn't go with us.

It was the first time we have seen Harry and Judy up here in a long time, and we had a good visit. When we finished lunch, Stella and I came back to Rayford for a surprise birthday party for Roy Davis, one of the winter Texans who stays here in the park.

Not too much of interest happened through the next week. We went out to eat somewhere with Tommy and Susan just about every night. We played bingo Friday night, which was supposed to have been "flashlight bingo" where the game is played outside in the dark with only a flashlight used to play by, but it was decided that it was too cold and windy to play comfortably so we played in the Lone Star room. There is a large rally group, the Texas Sojourners here in the park and they were very loud, but we still had a good time playing bingo. Of course, we didn't win but everyone had fun.

Saturday was the Bon Voyage party for the Winter Texans at the park. The party was open to anyone in the park, and we had a huge turnout! As you can see in the picture (thank you Tommy) there are many of us that consider ourselves "winter Texans". There are several of us in the group that are Texans that choose Rayford Crossing as their winter home, and we are happy to be among them.

Sunday Stella and I went to Texas City and picked up Tyler and Cameron for their spring break visit with us. We came back home by way of the Stephen F Austin state park where we met with our friend A.D. Payne and old friends Warren and Kathy Feray who are also park hosting there. A.D.'s wife Dee is again in the hospital being treated at MD Anderson. We are all hopeful for her speedy recovery and return to help A.D. with his duties at the state park.

We came on back home and found our friends Ricky and Dee as they were leaving us a note that they had been in the park. We had a nice but short visit with them before they left for home.

I'm sure that everyone has been keeping up with the troubles of actor Charlie Sheen. How much cocaine did he actually take?

Enough to kill Two and a Half Men...

So long.

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