Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tuesday March 1 through Friday March 4, 2011-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Well, we are back into the old groove of taking Stella to work (I have received too much grief over saying WE are going to work LOL), and then coming home after work. That's pretty much what happened this week with a couple of extra things.

The check engine light came on in the truck late Monday afternoon, so after dropping Stella off, I took the truck to Tomball Dodge to have it checked. With the exception of David, the manager, everyone of the service advisors is new. The new man that waited on me wasn't very familiar with the Dodge line, but he took all of my information and complaint and said he would contact me as soon as he knew what the problem was. He told me that the dealership no longer furnishes loaner cars for service work, and that I would need to get a rental unit from Enterprise, which is at the Ford store down the road. They soon arrived with my rental car, and after going to their office to sign the papers, I was off in the dinky little Kia. I don't mind the little car for a short time, but I don't want one long term. I don't care how high fuel prices go, I'll still take my truck!

We met Tommy and Susan for hot dogs at James' Coney Islands and came on back home. I watched NCIS and Stella went to their motorhome to have coffee. I went down there after the show ended and visited with them for awhile before we came on back home for the night.

I heard from Tomball Dodge the first thing in the morning on Wednesday. I was told that the PCV valve had plugged up which caused the turbo to malfunction. They would cover these items under warranty but they said the truck would need a fresh oil change that I would have to pay for. Let's see, a hundred dollar oil change for over five thousand in repairs? Oh yeah, I approved that one. The truck wasn't ready until Thursday, but I still had the rental to take Stella to work, so we did fine. And when I picked up the truck, I got the oil change for half price, so it was all good.

Stella went to a Pamper Chef party on Wednesday night. Although I was invited, as were all the guys in the park, I didn't go. I know it's hard to believe that I passed on a party, but I don't cook all that much any more, so there wasn't anything that really piqued my interest in cookware. I guess its a guy thing... Some of the guys that went said the saleslady was very nice and nice to look at too, and she fed them, so they had a good time.

It seemed to take all day to get the truck picked up from the dealership. I had to take the rent car back, get a ride from them back to the dealership, then wait for someone to bring the truck up to me. Wow, what an ordeal! I hate taking the truck in for service, but it was needed.

Friday, Stella made a crock pot of boneless pork ribs and rice for supper. It was hard to sit here all day smelling the delicious food and it kept me hungry all day long. I spent as much time as I could outside, to avoid eating everything in the trailer, and it was a beautiful day. It is supposed to rain and turn cold again over the weekend, but the weathermen have been known to be wrong before.

The traffic has been horrific lately! Stella was late in getting off work, so it was after six before we got home. The smells of the cooked food (which, by the way, I had helped to cook. I added more water when needed and stirred the mix during the day) but we didn't have much time to eat and still make it to bingo tonight. Of course I didn't win but Stella did win the jackpot round. It was fun and there were several new people playing tonight. We played in the Lone Star room because there is a large rally in the park that is using the Rayford room tonight. It was good to spend time with our friends.

So long.

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