Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Monday February 28, 2011-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

This is our last full day off before having to go back to work. :o( We ran a few errands in the morning and grabbed some lunch at the El Bosque mexican restaurant and went to Sam's Club before returning home to get ready to go to the street party. I had told Judy that I would help Warren put tables out and get the area set up for the party, so soon after getting home, I went over to work.

Warren had some questions about my new truck, so we used it to move tables and some other items to the party area and I let Warren drive it. He said he may be buying a new truck and wanted to check out the Dodge. He liked it and said he is considering the Dodge as his next truck. We got the tables set up and I brought over our two new folding chairs that we had bought at Sams, so we were ready. I came home and found Stella frying bacon to take as our side dish for the burgers. It took much longer than she had thought, but we thought the party was starting at 5, so we still had time. When we got there, everyone was finished with their burgers, so we grabbed the last two patties and ate. We learned that since the weather had turned cold in the evening, everyone had thrown a patty on the grill and started to eat early. Since it was getting cold, the party broke up early too, so I helped Warren fold the tables back up and we took them back to the rally halls.

I had a nice chat with several people at the party. It seems as if many winter Texans are leaving earlier this year, and Frank and Nancy will be leaving on Wednesday. Several others will be leaving in March, which will make us sad, but they will be back in the fall. When I went back home, I began working on a trip after the rally in Goshen for our summer trip. I'm still working on it, but it looks like we'll go north into Michigan, west to Wisconsin and North Dakota, and then south west into South Dakota and finishing in Colorado, probably at one of our favorite parks, Blue Spruce in the Vallecito Lake area of south west Colorado. It will be a fun trip, but the rising fuel prices may change it some, we just don't know right now. I plan to keep working on it and tweaking things to make it work for us. Please stay tuned.

So long

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